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Casino’s future

C asinos function everywhere according to the same pattern ”guest against casino“. That is the same for the traditional games as well as for the slots. The player wins, if he places his bet correctly, in the correct game, at the correct time. Otherwise the casino wins.

In contrast to this the renaissance of the poker game and its world wide success straight in online casinos proves the increasing popularity of games, whose pattern is called not ”guest against casino“, but ”guest against guest“.

These new kind of ”guest against guest“ game places – we call them »Casino-Club« – will represent an increasing competition to the traditional casino. The indication for this is the Poker euphoria and the Bingo Halls which are successful world wide.

Therefore the traditional casinos should not leave such »Casino-Clubs« to newcomers, but add them in their own casinos. Thereby the traditional casinos use the »Casino-Club« as a component of their established casino business.

When casinos focus more on the »Casino-Club« idea, it means no risk for the house, and can be regarded under this aspect as »The Casino’s Future«.

The advantage for the operator of a »Casino-Club« is there is no risk of monetary loss, because it works on commission.

The advantages for the players in the »Casino-Club« are that they legally play, and that they do not need to look for fellow players, because in the real, as well as in the virtual casino world, are always players.

But : for a succesful »Casino-Club« we need new games which are exciting as but not as complicated as Texas Hold’em and wich are as easy as but not as boring as Bingo.

I have created the conception of such games and the development of such places.


The »Casino-Club«


The »Casino-Club« is a kind of VIP Lounge for special guests, a defined zone within the Casino range, to which only members have entrance. When one becomes a member of »Casino-Club«, it is either by invitation from the casino management or by successful application.

The amenities of the »Casino-Club« are :

  • Free entrance
  • Free meals and beverages
  • Smoking Permission
  • Possible overnight accomodation in the Casino or a partner hotel

The »Casino-Club« finances itself and obtains its profits from the commissions resulting from all games.
Additionally membership dues can be raised. 100 Dollar/Euro monthly or 1000 Dollar/Euro annually are conceivable.

Why does the future belong to the »Casino-Club« ?

The business in the casinos is declining world wide.

Apart from the global economic crisis there are also political and house made reasons :

  • Missing new, innovative games
  • Competition by online gaming
  • Prohibition of smoking
  • Abolition of dress codes.

SAPHIRH – Club Games

The Club Games in a glance :

4Play – 1Table

4 Games (1wins, ultimate 1wins, 31up and ultimate 31up) on only one Table/Layout !!!
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General notes about the Club Games

All Club Games can be arranged and adapted to fit the needs of the casino operator and the players.

The licensee determines :

  • the expiration of the game
  • the height of the bets
  • the number of players
  • the end of a game round
  • the height of the retained commission.

In the “Casino-Club” all five Club Games are offered. These can also be supplemented by the traditional games. Even slots (possibily with headphones) can enrich the gaming offer in a Casino-Club.

BUT : All games can be acquired as seperate license and be used in the traditional casino.

*All Club Games can use or not a shuffle machine.


Sascha Philip RHEINERT


Sascha Philip Rheinert is a successful and insightful expert of the Casino industry, who applies his experience and knowledge to create the Casino of the Future. Driven by a passion for new trends, he foresaw the changes in the gaming culture long before it happened. His understanding of the market led him to realize before most analysts how impactful Poker would become, and successfully designed creative and addictive games to leverage on the trend. His impact in the Casino world includes a long career as Casino Director and Designer, Games Designer, and Senior Consultant.



  • Co-operation with leading companies in the casino industry
  • Consulting and organization of new casinos in eastern Europe


2007 – 2013 Continuation of my work as an Independent Casino Consultant and Project Manager
Development, patenting and marketing of innovative casino concepts and games


Nov. 2004 – 2006 Project Manager / Casino Director in Pristina:

  • Responsible for the organization of casino equipment
  • Recruitment and training of 120 employees
  • Preparation of the gaming operation for the grand opening
  • Continuing Operations Director


June 2004 Beginning of my work as an Independent Casino Consultant and Project Manager

2003 – 2004 »Casino du Lac«, Meyrin (Geneva / Switzerland): Casino Director

2002 – Mai 03 »Casino Arosa« (Switzerland): Gaming Manager, Member of the Board

1993 – 2002 »Casino 2000« Bad Mondorf (Luxembourg): Dealer, Inspector, Pittboss

  • Induction and training of new employees
  • Organization and implementation of advertising & PR campaigns


1992 – 1993 Independent Insurance Manager, Merzig (Germany)

1991 »Helvetia Insurance Group« (Switzerland):

  • Management of a General Agency in Germany / Saar

1987 – 1990 »Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG« (German insurance and investment company):

  • Investment & Assets Advisor
  • Director: organization, staff training

1986 – 1987 Mandatory civil service: German Red Cross, Merzig / Perl (Germany)

  • Paramedic

1975 – 1985 Gymnasium am Stefansberg, Grammar school, Merzig

  • Passed the Abitur exam (final secondary school qualification)

1971 – 1975 Primary School, St. Josef, Merzig

17.09.1964 Born in Mettlach (Germany), the sixth of seven children

Languages: German (native), English, French
Marital status: Childless and Single
Hobbies: Sports, Literature, Travelling

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